Żegluga Świnoujska ferries with our radars and compasses

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Żegluga Świnoujska ferries with our radars and compasses

At the tender announced in November last year, our company was selected as the contractor responsible for the delivery, installation and commissioning of radar sets and GPS satellite compasses on all eight vehicle and passenger ferries of Żegluga Świnoujska.

As part of the received order, we installed JMA-5312-6 marine radars and JRC JLR-21 GPS compasses, and the scope of work included, among others:

  • Preparation of installation documentation in accordance with the requirements of the PRS classification society.
  • Obtaining PRS approval for the delivered equipment and performed works.
  • Fabrication and mounting of new antenna masts on the “Bielik” ferries and adaptation of the current masts on the “Karsibór” ferries, and then installation of radar antennas.
  • Installation of satellite compass antenna mounts on all ferries.
  • Installation of components (monitors, keyboards, processors) of individual systems in the wheelhouse.
  • Integration of radars with new satellite compasses and the existing AIS receivers.
  • Installation of C-MAP electronic maps in radars.
  • Training the crew in the operation of the installed devices.

We are happy to have been able to implement this interesting project. It allowed us to prove ourselves not only from the technical side, but also from the logistic side. Thanks to the experience of our employees and very good cooperation with Żegluga Świnoujska in the field of work planning, we completed the task on time. We are proud that antennas with the JRC/ Alphatron logo are now rotating on all ŻŚ ferries.

Within a short time after installation, the captains have expressed their satisfaction with the new radars. They are several generations ahead of the well-worn equipment that was in operation for almost twenty years, and some pieces even longer. Advanced technical solutions in the new devices translate into their quality, failure-free operation and extensive functionality. This was probably the reason why, during the training, the crews showed great interest in the applied technical solutions and the desire to learn all their functions.

It has been pointed out that radars would significantly increase the safety of passenger crossings. This applies mainly to shipping in difficult weather conditions and limited visibility, but not only. It is now much easier to notice small vessels or those obscured by larger ones. The ability to personalise settings means that everyone can adjust the screens to their own perception, which also translates into safety. It has been noted that the use of the same types of radars and compasses on all ferries would reduce the time needed for crews to adapt to their rotation between vessels. Our company has also been positively assessed for its commitment to finalising the task.

We would like to thank the management of Żegluga Świnoujska and the ferry crews for the friendly, cooperative atmosphere we experienced during the execution of the order.




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